Brooks Cascadia 10 Trail Runners

Brand spankin’ new and just about the worst color ever.

Imagine if your best friend died and you found out they had an identical twin whom you assumed would fill the empty friend void. Then you find out the twin is a jerk who steals money out of your wallet when you’re not looking. That’s what the Cascadia 10’s are like after wearing the 8’s.

The material that’s stitched across the mesh toe-box is done in a different pattern than the 8’s. If you compare pictures, you’ll see the 8’s have a zigzag stitching on the sides of the toe-box. Something about those zigzags held the mesh together and prevented holes. The 10’s don’t have zigzags. They just have nothing there, other than the mesh. I got big gaping holes that I could stick my fingers through, on BOTH shoes, within the first 150 miles of wearing them. Lots of other hikers had this exact same experience. I heard stories of people calling Brooks customer service only to learn the warranty wouldn’t be honored because they were used for hiking instead of trail-running. Supposedly, they have one single intended purpose and if they were used for anything else, you’re S.O.L. Fortunately, these were gifted to me, but I would be pretty mad if I paid $130 for them and they were trash within a week. I will not buy Brooks Cascadias again unless I see they go back to the exact same design as the 8’s.

A line of Brooks Cascadias left for the hiker box. I would guess most have less than 500 miles on them.


The most common problem with them.
A shoegoo makeover works in a pinch.



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